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Fashion Glasses - Buying on the internet

The limited range of glasses available and the nerdy image of those who wear them has exploded over the last thirty years. Once the dread of all teenagers, now fashion glasses are seen as a fashion accessory, even for those who don't need them. With the advent of the internet, buying fashion glasses has become even easier. There are many websites such as Glasses Direct, Glassescrafter, Spex4Less,, Glasses2you and Glassesuk who can offer prescription lenses and in frames from designers such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Armani, Calvin Klein and Dior


Online purchasing works best for single vision lenses and most online retailers offer a money back guarantee. There are loads of great deals around - for instance Glasses Direct have a "Free second pair" offer. Buy one pair of more sensible frames for work and then a real pair of out and out fashion glasses for when you're out on the town!

Find out more about prescription glesses including varifocals at Glasses 4 You