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Glasses 2 You - Buy your glasses online

When you' have chosen your frame, you will need choose your lens type and any other extras you require before adding the product to your basket. Basic plastic lenses are included in the price however we offer glasses 2 you UK optional extras.

You will enter your full prescription details during the checkout process, so you get the absolute correct glasses for your prescription.


If you normally use just one pair of single vision glasses 2 see at all distances (for example, you don't need to change them for reading) then you should select 'Distance Prescription' on the appropriate product page.

If your glasses are needed just for reading and other close-up work, you should choose 'Reading Prescription'. Remember that reading glasses are designed purely for seeing things close up and are not suitable for general daily wear.

If you don't have a prescription you can order a pair of reading glasses 2 go without prescription.


Varifocal glasses are available as glasses 2 you but their are specific setup requirements that are needed.


Standard plastic lenses are included in your purchase but there are other options.

For thinner lenses including hardened anti-reflection surfaces, choose Thin 1.6
For a light cosmetic tint, choose 15% tint options
For a fixed tint offering super comfort in bright sunlight, choose 85% tints
For lenses that change from clear full tint choose Transitions grey, brown or green


For hard-wearing surface protection, choose scratch resistant
For a combined anti-reflection and anti-scratch finish choose anti-reflection
For the ultimate tough, anti-reflection, water and grease repellent lenses choose super-clear
For eye-fatigue protection, choose OptiBlue (not available on thin, tinted or Transitions lenses)

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Do I need a prescription to order glasses online?
For short-sightedness you will certainly need a prescription.

Can I get a prescription for glasses online?
You need to get your eyes tested at a local optometrist. They will give you a prescription that you can use online.

Why are glasses cheaper online?
Online glasses providers do not have the same overheads as high street shops. They are able to pass the savings on to their customers.