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Lazer Eye Surgery

eyeThe dream solution to shortsightedness is laser surgery so that you never need wear glasses again! The cost at £395 per eye is not cheap, but you will save in the long run as you will not have to keep forking out for a new set of prescription spectacles every few years.

Laser eye surgery is particularly valuable for people who love playing active sports. It's great for beach holidays - you will no longer need to find a safe place for your specs before diving in to the sea or worry about splashing around in the shallows with your contact lenses in.

For your own peace of mind, make sure you use a well known eye surgery clinic to perform the lasik eye surgery. Boots, accuvision and optical express are all well-known companies. Most places will offer a free consultation to check your suitability.

Normally surgery is carried out on just one eye at a time, so that the results of the first eye can be assessed before the second eye receives the treatment. Each eye will take about 20 minutes in total.